The company

Murma Byggmaterial AB is a family-owned business focused on technique and development.

Since the formation in 1976, we have worked with the development and marketing of products whose primary purpose is to prevent damage in masonry and to simplify work with brickwork constructions, thus reducing the costs. More than 30 years experience from contracting work for masonry and corrective repairs to brickwork lie behind the development of our products.

In our business, we see the need for new products, and how they must be designed in order to solve problems. We also have the possibility to test the products in real-life applications before introducing them in the market. Our objective is to be a leader in the development and sales of complementary products for masonry constructions.

This has resulted in the following product program. Which fulfils the common requirement- to create safer masonry.

  • Murma foundation frame: rainwater drainage and sliding layers between construction layers.
  • Murma lintel system: for rainwater drainage and supporting opening in brick walls.
  • Murma soldier course support: complementary product for where beams are constructed with standing bricks.
  • Brictec masonry reinforcement: stainless steel, galvanized or plain steel, ladder-formed masonry reinforcement.
  • Murma universel tie:wall ties for securing facade walls.
  • Murma weather protection: portable weather protection which is fitted to the scaffolding.

Murma Byggmaterial AB

Askims Verkstadsväg 14 • 436 34 Askim • Sweden

Phone: +46 31 99 20 45 • <info på murma. se> (på=@)